New Year, New You

Even with the best of intentions, New Year’s resolutions often set us up for a feeling of failure. It’s not always easy to set goals that are attainable and sustainable.

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Core exercises = Get on the ground and do crunches, sit-ups, and planks….Sound familiar?

While these exercises can be great, if this is all you are doing to strengthen your core, you are neglecting vital muscle fibers in your mid-section that are critical for posture, strength, balance, and coordination. By simply adding a foam roller to your core routine, you can achieve that beach body you are striving for AND at the same time train the little muscle fibers in your abs and back that will bring balance, functional strength, and control. These magic fibers are called proprioceptors (AKA muscle spindles) and are too often the neglected brother of the glamour muscles.

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How the Morph was born

April 26th, 2007 – Spokane, WA
We open the door to our extended stay hotel and see a bottle of cheap sparkling wine and some chocolate covered strawberries. We laughed. True, my wife and I had just gotten married a few days earlier. She thought it would be funny to call and tell the hotel we were on our honeymoon. In a way it was, but Spokane was not our first choice for our after-nuptial excursion. We were here for another reason altogether.
I had just finished my 3rd year in the NFL, and I was recovering from my 3rd surgery in 5 years. This time it was my spine. I had herniated two lumbar discs playing for the Saints. I first felt a twinge of low-back pain coming out of training camp and fought through it as long as I could. I made it 2.5 months.

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Gear Patrol

The foam roller is a traveler’s best friend. Its worst quality, however, is an odd shape that’s never compatible with the typical carry-on. Brazyn figured that out.

Dance Magazine

The Dos and Don’ts of Self-Massage
When you’re dancing for what feels like eight days a week, it takes more than just stretching to put your body back in order.

STAR Magazine

Workout Wonders Give your routine a boost with these clever fitness finds.   “Ease sore muscles on a foam roller that folds flat for storage”...

New York Magazine

What Is the Best Foam Roller? “I love the Morph collapsible foam roller because it’s portable and amazing to travel with.” —Gunnar Peterson, celebrity personal...

Fitness Gizmos

What’s better than a regular foam roller? A collapsible one that you can take with you and use anywhere.

Inc., Magazine

Avoid the awkward portability of a foam roller with the collapsible Morph.

Men’s Fitness

The Morph – Your collapsible solution to the giant, clunky foam roller.


Bring your favorite roller anywhere with the flat, easy-to-transport Morph!


Confidently give the athlete on your list something they have never had!

Sport Techie

Remarkably friendly to your body and the environment.