Operating your Morph

The MORPH foam roaller


1) TO ROLL:  Pull both strings.  Check to ensure disks are fully open & against the stoppers

2) TO COLLAPSE: Push firmly on the “BRAZYN” disk.  Be careful not to squeeze the outside of the roller when collapsing.


Tips and Tricks for Opening and Closing Your Morph

Foam rolling has been scientifically proven to aid recovery, increase mobility, improve fitness gains, and lead to better overall health.  Everyone can benefit from a regular foam rolling practice, whether you’re an elite athlete or someone who is simply looking to feel better.  With The Morph, you can conveniently add recovery and mobility training to your daily routine. It’s meticulously crafted design will allow you to foam roll more consistently and with greater results. 


Foam Rolling Exercises

Back Adjustment / Release: 1 minute
A) Round back to isolate vertebrae: Roll Entire Spine
B) Find knots and use short rolling cycle to release

Hamstring Roll: 30 seconds each side Cross Legs to Isolate Single Hamsting. Roll From Glute to Back of Knee, The Morph Rolls Hamstring

Calf Roll: 30 sec. each side Cross legs to isolate single calf. Roll entire length of calf. Change foot angle to massage full lower leg. The Morph rolls along calf muscle

Chest Opener: 1 minute Hands behind the head. Relax upper body and allow chest to open. The Morph below mid-back.

Figure 4 Stretch: 30 sec. each side Cross leg and grab up knee. The Morph below tailbone

Quad Roll: 30 sec. each side Cross leg to isolate single quad. Roll from knee to hip flexor. The Morph rolls along quad.

Quad Stretch: 30 sec. – 1 minute each side Place Morph below one knee, grab foot with one or both hands. Allow muscle to loosen and stretch

Gluteus Release: 30 sec. each side Cross leg and roll deeply into that Glute. The Morph rolls into Glute muscle.

Side Opener Stretch: 30 sec. each side Lay over The Morph with shoulders perpendicular to the ground. Keep. The Morph below hip bone.

Hip Flexor Stretch: 30 sec. each side Place The Morph below tailbone. Relax down leg.

Pectoral Release: 30 sec. – 1 minute each side Roll across Pec muscles with a short back and forth motion. Pause in the tight areas. The Morph rolls from front of shoulder to mid chest area.

Lat Release: 1 minute each side Roll into Lat muscle with a short back and forth motion. Pause in tight areas with The Morph below the lat morph.

Neck Roll: 1 minute Place The Morph below neck. Nod side to side, find knots and pause to release.

Adductor Roll: 1 minute each side Leg out to side, roll The Morph along inside of leg. The Morph rolls along groin.

Lazy Log: 1 minute each side Support head with pillow or other padding. Relax for desired length The Morph running length of spine